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Protecting your smile from the ravages of tooth decay and gum disease is the goal of preventative dentistry. Ongoing care for your teeth and gums helps keep away cavities and gingivitis and will save you time and money down the road. If you don’t care for your oral health as you go, eventually you can end up needing restorative dentistry treatments later, which is more costly and invasive to treat.

To safeguard your smile, and increase your chances of keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime, you will want to invest in daily oral care: brushing, flossing and eating a balanced diet daily to promote healthy gum tissue and fortify tooth enamel. The American Dental Association (ADA) also advises ongoing dental checkups and cleanings. These routine dental appointments detect dental problems early on for timely treatment before they require more invasive and expensive fixes as they get bigger.

When you come in for your six-month cleanings and exams, we will evaluate your overall oral health: gums, teeth, head, neck, mouth, and jaw. We will be on the lookout for any problems such as TMJ, oral cancer, and diabetes. We will also provide a thorough cleaning, flossing, and polishing of your teeth and remove hardened plaque around the gumline.

But it’s not just your oral health that benefits. Ongoing preventative care will also lessen your risk of secondary health issues that can develop from poor oral health; such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, premature birth and low birth weight babies.

Many dental plans also pay all or most of the costs of regular dental cleanings and exams. If you are ready for your next dental checkup, please call us at 215-277-7880 to schedule with our dentist, Dr. Sharon Bleiler. Our Noble Dentistry team in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania is ready to help you maintain your healthy smile!